There's much debate on the causes of climate change. Scientists, politicians and opinion leaders all take the stage to present their vision or ideas. However, cool(E)motion is not focused on the possible causes of climate change. We merely note that the climate is changing, whatever the cause. Let's now focus on what this means for the Arctic. And more specifically, what will happen to traditional culture, when hunters can't trust the ice, when seals disappear and wheater condition deteriorate?

Cool(e)motion urges those in power to focus on the cultural effects of climate changes. We seek attention for this message by creating giant sculptures on ice bergs that will float when spring comes. This way, the sculptural 'hunters' can search for new hunting grounds for people in the Arctic.


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Our satellite system / countdown to Uummannaq

Yesterday we were at Datema to pick ap the satellite systems. To be honoust: We were fully surprised about the diversity of the technical equipment. It is a strange thought that we place a huge sculpture on an iceberg, but what to think about to cummunicate with that same iceberg? The system will not only send webcam pictures, but also GPS information, as well as temperature and airpressure information. Many worldwide scientists will become jealous. Mark and Willem worked for many weeks, nights and weekends to make this all work. We are more than  thankfull for their commitment!
from L ro R: Willem, Ap and Mark


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