There's much debate on the causes of climate change. Scientists, politicians and opinion leaders all take the stage to present their vision or ideas. However, cool(E)motion is not focused on the possible causes of climate change. We merely note that the climate is changing, whatever the cause. Let's now focus on what this means for the Arctic. And more specifically, what will happen to traditional culture, when hunters can't trust the ice, when seals disappear and wheater condition deteriorate?

Cool(e)motion urges those in power to focus on the cultural effects of climate changes. We seek attention for this message by creating giant sculptures on ice bergs that will float when spring comes. This way, the sculptural 'hunters' can search for new hunting grounds for people in the Arctic.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tragedy in Uummannaq

Last Sunday we got a phonecall from the Children' s Home in Uummannaq. Three young men are missing after an unexplainable accident. One of their youngsters together with some good friends and relatives.  Announcement in the Sermitsiaq newspaper:
Three men aged 17, 19 and 27 years are since Saturday morning missed and still not found. The police in Uummannaq is not actively looking for them anymore.

- 'We got a message on Saturday morning from the village Ikerasak that a boat was found, sailing in circles, without people in it. We went by helicopter to Ikerasak looking for them, but have not found them. Local people helped us with guiding and I know that some people are still looking for them. 'says managing director at the police Uummannaq Taitsiak Heilmann.
The boat was found 500 meters from the village, 42 km south of Uummannaq, a place with very strong currents and the upper half meter is fresh water. The fresh water makes you sink faster when you are in the water.
The police found some personal belongings in the water from those involved.
We express our deepest respect to their families, friends and everyone that is affected by this terrible loss.
Our sincere condolences,
Ap, Frank, Petra, Hans, Jan, Erik, Sander, Taco, Hessel, Patrick, Gert, Terry and Svebor.


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